Items a Moving Company in Louisville Should Not Move

Posted by , on Sep, 2015

When you are moving, you have a duty to make sure that the items that your movers are transporting are safe for them to handle. Otherwise, these items, known as “non-allowable” in the industry, could end up harming them and even causing damage to your belongings. Also, it may be better to carry items such as sentimental belongings yourself rather than including them on the moving truck. Following some suggestions below can help you relocate all of your items responsibly when hiring a moving company in Louisville.

Hazardous Materials
Hazardous materials pose a serious safety and health threat to movers when you enlist the help of a Louisville moving company. Louisville movers can answer any questions about whether or not a particular item or substance is suitable to be packed in your shipment, with items that are not allowed including aerosol cans, ammunition and car batteries. Other non-allowable items are lighter fluid, fire extinguishers, fireworks, kerosene, paint thinners, loaded guns, pool chemicals, rubbing alcohol and even weed killer. Anything corrosive, explosive or flammable is prohibited.

Moving companies will also not move perishables during long-distance moves, as they can attract pests such as rats, which might end up damaging your property. However, if you are moving less than 150 miles away, and the movers will deliver your goods to you within 24 hours, your movers may be okay with transporting perishables for you. However, these food items would have to be packed properly and not require servicing during the move. Perishables include items such as refrigerated foods, produce, plants, half-used or open foods or frozen food.

Sentimental Items
Movers prefer not to transfer personal/sentimental items because they can become damaged or lost. These important personal items include financial documents, school records and medical records. Also, sensitive electronics may be damaged by a moving van’s extreme temperatures, and cash, jewelry, personal video tapes and collections can be difficult to replace if lost. A well-thought-out plan for moving these types of items can save you stress, money and heartache down the road.

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Posted by , on Sep, 2015

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