Inspecting Your Fall Protection Harness

Posted by , on Oct, 2015

When you work at high elevations, you need specialty equipment. In the sum of things, the most significant item you will need to find and purchase is a safety harness. This is a crucial tool for you to employ to maintain your safety. Fortunately, reputable companies have been involved in ensuring the best products are available such as the Guardian fall protection harness.

Using a Guardian Fall Protection Harness

Today’s Guardian fall protection harness, as is the case with other types of harnesses, is a product of past technological developments. Since its growth in popularity during the late 1980s, workers have come to rely on its ability to keep them safe. However, if you want to ensure that your harness works, you have to maintain the condition. Your life depends on it responding at its optimum level.

Whether you favor a Guardian fall protection harness or another model or brand, it’s important to consider the different components. It’s also imperative that you understand what each part does. By being both informed and aware, you can do your best to make sure your safety harness is in perfect working condition.

Components and Problems

A full-body harness, such as a Guardian fall protection harness, consists of:

* Straps – They pass over your shoulders as well as across your chest and around legs
* D-rings – The main D-ring is mounted on your back, centrally positioned between your shoulder blades.
* Buckles – These are interlocking. They are called friction buckles. Inspect them for any damage of any type, particularly bends, nicks or cracks before wearing. Pull or tug them to make sure the coupling is very secure and not going to pull loose.
There are also quick-connect buckles. You will notice that these are somewhat like a seatbelt clip because they snap together. Make sure they still function with the speed and accuracy required. You also need to ensure that you can adjust the harness easily.
* Webbing – before use, inspect the webbing. Check to see if it’s frayed. Does it have any cuts or has any of the stitching come unraveled? If so, do NOT wear it until it is repaired or replaced.
* Padding – The more expensive and technologically advanced models feature light durable padding. This is true of a Guardian fall protection harness. Its purpose is to make you comfortable while you wear the body harness. Padding also adds an extra layer of protection. Make certain it’s consistent and helps the harness hold its shape. Some padding is removable and, therefore, you can replace it when it has lost its ability for comfort and protection.

A Guardian Fall Protection Harness: You Can Depend Upon It

It is important that your safety equipment is in perfect condition. Do not go to work until you make certain that the life saving equipment is in the best condition and functions perfectly. When you are up high or standing on a leading edge, you need to be certain that your equipment is going to respond. You can depend upon a Guardian fall protection harness to provide you with the best form of protection technology can give you. However, if you neglect to keep it in perfect working order, you are blocking it from performing at its peak.

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Posted by , on Oct, 2015

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