Improve Health, Safety and Business with a Wheelchair Shampoo Sink

Posted by , on Jul, 2015

A wheelchair shampoo sink, undoubtedly, can make life easier. Whether you suffer from a disability, or you are an elderly individual with limited mobility, you can benefit from this innovative device. Everyone with limited mobility should invest in home modifications that increase accessibility. This is integral to your health, comfort and safety overall. Accidents happen every day. However, with the right modifications, you can reduce your risk of injury with devices specifically fitted to your lifestyle and physical capabilities.

Why You Need This Product

Why would anyone purchase a wheelchair sink in the first place? Generally speaking, homes are constructed in a biased fashion. Homes are primarily designed for those who are deemed able-bodied for the most part. If you are disabled or elderly, you have most likely faced accessibility issues because of your home design. Something as simple as a sink can cause great danger if it is not designed to suit you physically. However, accessible resources, such as a wheelchair sink, can make your life easier and safer.

If you are wheelchair bound, you may struggle to use conventional appliances such as sinks. However, the wheelchair shampoo sink was invented to bypass these challenges and give you the freedom you deserve.

Hair care is essential for everyone. However, washing your hair can be a dangerous feat if you suffer from mobility issues. You can risk the possibility of falling or injuring yourself if you use a sink that is not suited to your physical needs. Yet, with this wheelchair sink, you can shampoo and wash your hair with no trouble at all, and reclaim your independence. You can even request that a hair stylist come to you and have your hair styled safely in the comfort of your own home.

Are You a Hairstylist? You Need This Product

If you work in a hair salon, or if you own a hair salon, it is very important that you customize your business to the needs of everyone, including the disabled and the elderly. There are a few main reasons for this. First of all, doing so avoid discriminations, and it respects the rights of those who have limited or no mobility at all. Furthermore, it significantly reduces the prospect of injury. For example, if you have a disabled or elderly client, you can risk injuring them by using a conventional sink. This can affect their health, as well as your business.

There is another salient reason why you should invest in this type of device. If you intend to profit from your salon business, you must cater to all customers. If you alienate a segment of your market, this may not bode well for you. Hence, you can expand your customer base by tending to the needs of those with limited mobility, by simply purchasing a wheelchair shampoo sink.

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Posted by , on Jul, 2015

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