How to Write a Position Paper

Posted by , on Sep, 2017

The concept of writing position papers scares some people. True, these people are unlikely to become participants in model United Nations events, as paper-writing is a key component. However, if you are a delegate in a local model UN event and find yourself fearing for the quality of your work in crafting a convincing position paper, read on. You’ll see that creating a great paper is as simple as A, B, C!

Acknowledge What You’ve Heard and Read

It’s important to show the chairperson who reads your position paper that you are invested in and understand the issue at hand. Demonstrate your knowledge by mentioning facts from your research that might not have made it into general discussion. You can also highlight key points from topics that were discussed during previous United Nations sessions. This sort of preparation for the debate and presence of mind during and afterward will show that you take the session seriously and are onboard with finding solutions to problems proposed.

Be Specific

A position paper should relate to your specific country and how the issue at hand is relevant to them. You should include information on:
How your country, or group, sees the issue.

  • How the problem is relevant to or impacts your country.
  • What policy – specifically – you would like to see passed in resolution to the matter.

By making your nation’s voice heard, you are ensuring that you will receive adequate consideration among the number present during discussion and debate.

Collect and Curate Your Thoughts, Craft Your Paper

With so much to consider before putting your words on paper, you may be tempted to fill pages with facts and thoughts. However, the recommended length for position papers is no longer than a page, as this brevity has been found most effective. To whittle your content down to fit this guideline, choose the most relevant and important information, and elaborate only on what needs to be detailed. After all, your committee chair already knows the topic, show him or her how you make it yours!

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Posted by , on Sep, 2017

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