How to Use Social Media for Branding Like a Celebrity

Posted by , on Oct, 2017

Social media is a phenomenal communication vehicle. Used well, it can help you continually engage with existing customers while expanding your reach to new potential customers. People will stumble upon your social media accounts and they will also seek them out in an effort to learn more about you. How you use social media can help you, can hurt you, or could do little or nothing.

Celebrities and Social Media

Social media has exploded around the world of celebrities. People appreciate that they can connect on a semi-personal level with the celebrities that they admire, are enamored with, or that they want to emulate. Celebrities take advantage of this ability to connect with the world, which can help them further their career, shine light on their favorite cause, and / or simply connect with their fans.

Businesses and entrepreneurs can learn a lot about branding from celebrities. Here are some lessons and things to keep in mind as part of your social media strategy.

  • Once it’s out there, it’s OUT THERE

Even if you delete a tweet, Facebook post, Instagram photo, etcetera, there’s a chance someone took a screenshot and it can be used against you. Keep in mind that what you put out there may never be able to be fully deleted.

  • Fresh Content Matters

If you gain followers, you want to keep them interested. Regular posting schedules can be important. Of course, this doesn’t mean you can’t ever step outside of it but you won’t get the same benefits out of social media by posting once a week as you will once a day.

Conversely, if you inundate your audience, you’ll run the risk of being unfollowed or blocked. Balance is important. So is a good mix of types of posts. If you have a Twitter account for your brand, for example, what do the last ten tweets look like? Are they all fun and games? Are they all far too promotional in nature? Is there a good mix that has the potential to help you connect with your target audience in a way that they’ll find ‘following’ you valuable?

  • Viral Power & Response

Things can go viral. In some cases, you want them to. In other cases, you really won’t. Bad reviews have the ability to go viral as much as glowing reviews.   Reputation management is important. Just like celebrities get help with this, businesses and entrepreneurs should consider the same. Is someone monitoring your social media accounts if you don’t have time to do so? This is important.

  • Data Analysis

You might struggle to build your audience and / or to get click-throughs to your call to action. And sometimes you strike gold without realizing it.  Ongoing analysis can help you determine the most appropriate and effective way(s) to interact with your social media audience.  It could be very advantageous to gain help with your social marketing strategy so that you can be seen as a social media celebrity in your industry — which could bring you great opportunities to drive your success forward.

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Posted by , on Oct, 2017

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