How to Use Personalized Bottled Water for Your Business

Posted by , on Oct, 2017

When you think of advertising, images of billboards and social media ads may spring to mind. You may imagine your ad copy or a particular slogan that pinpoints who you are as a company. There are subtler ways of getting your brand in front of your customers, though. When you use custom label bottled water from Alexa Springs, your logo is displayed on the front of the bottle to promote your business. You can use branded bottles wherever you go, from your own lobby to trade shows.

Your Reception Area

You can associate your name with the rejuvenating pleasure of cold spring water as soon as your customers walk through the front door. Whether you run a business near Dallas, TX, or Chambersburg, PA, personalized water bottles with your company’s logo on the front can be offered to everyone who visits. Use it daily in your reception area as a refreshment while they wait. Welcome them with the hospitality of a drink to quench their thirst and advertise your company at the same time.

A Company Event

During a company event, you have an opportunity for advertising your business near Chicago, IL, to potential customers and instilling a sense of corporate pride in your employees. Slip personalized water bottles into the giveaway bags at your golf tournament fundraiser. Using custom label bottled water at your annual company picnic can be part of inspiring a camaraderie in attendees that makes them remember all the reasons they love working there. Branding your bottles is a simple way to get your logo noticed.

Trade Shows

Trade shows are invigorating, busy events. Companies showcase their newest ideas and products, and there are so many to see. No one wants to leave the excitement to go get a drink of water. You can solve their thirst problem and help keep them in the middle of the action while promoting your brand with custom label bottled water. Because there is so much to see at these events, it is easy to get lost in the crowd. When you participate in trade shows near Los Angeles, CA, make your company stand out with bottled water that bears its logo.

Whether you live near Medley, FL, or North Powder, OR, or anywhere in between, Alexa Springs has a nearby distribution center that can service your company with bottled water with your logo on the front. It is an easy and cost-effective way to promote your business. Get a free quote today!

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Posted by , on Oct, 2017

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