How to Spot a Drinking Problem

Posted by , on Apr, 2017

One of the main issues with alcoholism is that it can be hard to spot. Alcohol is a legal drug, and therefore it’s abuse isn’t always taken seriously as a drug addiction. Many people drink it, even on a daily basis, and aren’t dependent on it. Where is the line between someone who is handling alcohol responsibly and someone who has a serious problem? It can be really difficult for a person to know when they have a problem and even more difficult for others around them to identify a problem. Here’s some guidelines to help you know if you have a drinking problem.

Financial Issues

If you are buying alcohol despite the fact that it causes financial issues, then you may have a problem. An addiction takes over and makes you make bad decisions. When you are choosing between paying the electric bill or buying alcohol and you choose alcohol, it is a good indicator there’s an issue.

Passing Out

If you are drinking so much that you pass out often, then you likely have a problem. While doing this once or twice in your life is nothing too serious, having it happen all the time is a big issue. If you notice that you are not able to remember chunks of time when you are drinking, it is serious.

Keep Getting Concerned Talks

If people you are around are constantly telling you that you have a problem or expressing concern about how much you drink, then this is a good indicator that you have a problem. You may not notice just how much you drink, but when others do, it probably means you are drinking a lot more than average.

Hiding Drinking

If you feel like you need to hide your alcohol or drink in secret, it is an indicator of a drinking problem. One of the main signs of any addiction is hiding the behavior. If there is nothing to worry about or be ashamed of, the person wouldn’t feel the need to hide it.


If you constantly fight cravings to alcohol or have extreme cravings upon waking up, then you likely have a problem. This is especially true if you have tried to cut down and found the cravings to be too strong to resist.

Escaping Problems

If you are using alcohol to relieve stress or to escape from having to face issues in your life, then it is an addiction. Alcohol should never be a way to cope. When it becomes one, it shows a classic sign of addiction.

Alcoholism is a serious drug addiction that needs to be treated like any other addiction. Even though alcohol is legal, that doesn’t mean it won’t harm your body or ruin your life like other drugs. To know more contact The Drug and Alcohol Detox Clinic at 601-261-9101. You can also like them on Facebook for latest news and updates!

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Posted by , on Apr, 2017

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