How to Properly Grieve Your Pet

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When a pet dies, it is normal to go through a period of grieving. A memorial service is a healthy way to help you cope with your loss. Many pet memorial services in West Chester PA offer beautiful services for your furry loved ones. If you are truly grieving your beloved pet, you might later regret a hasty disposal of your friend’s remains.

Factors to Consider

The way you decide to grieve your pet should be an individual decision. Many concerns go into making this decision including costs. You may wish to have the funeral experience for your pet, or you may be comforted by having your pet’s remains at home with you. Whatever your decision, find a way to grieve your loved one that suits your needs.

There are two main categories for memorializing your pet: cremation or burial. Pet memorial services in West Chester PA offer many options within both of these categories.

Memorial Service

Don’t be bashful about your need to celebrate the time you had with your faithful friend. There is nothing wrong with staging a memorial service for your beloved pet complete with a viewing. Pet funerals are actually so common that a large industry has grown around offering such services. Your ceremony can be as simple or elaborate as you wish. The disposition of your pet can even be true to your religious views or environmental concerns.

If a full-blown memorial service is not your style, there are a variety of other options for remembering your friend. You may wish to simply bury your pet in the backyard. Remember, funeral homes and pet cemeteries understand the pain associated with losing a pet and help you through such a time.


More people choose to have memorial services before burying their pet. It can be very similar to burying a human loved one. Pet memorial services in West Chester PA may offer to clean your deceased pet, place them in a suitable casket, provide viewing services and carry your pet to his or her final resting spot. Burial costs can vary depending on the size of your pet. They can even prepare your pet for a home burial.


Cremation is the most common aftercare services and one of the most affordable. You can have your pet cremated individually, privately or communally. If you choose communally, your pet will be cremated with other animals and their ashes scattered in a designated area. If you choose, private or individual cremation, you will receive your animal’s ashes in a container or urn.

The disposition of your pet’s remains can be a hard decision for most. Take the time to review your options so you can grieve your loved one properly.

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Posted by , on Jan, 2018

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