How to Order from Fresh Produce Distributors

Posted by , on Dec, 2014

Is your business in need of fresh produce? Fresh fruits and vegetables are a staple in the success of any food-based business, and your distributor could be making a big impact on how your customers view your operation. By settling for mediocre produce from a local grocery store, you may be selling yourself short in terms of quality and selection. Instead of risking your business’s reputation taking a hit, shop around with fresh produce distributors. With some doing business right here online, it’s never been easier to place your order for the highest quality fruits and vegetables available.

A Wider Selection
The selection available with fresh produce distributors is often much bigger than what you would find at a local grocery store. Because these companies have placed their focus on produce only, they’re able to bring several varieties of various fruits and vegetables right to your door. From several different mushrooms to interesting varieties of seasonal offerings like apricots and peaches, you’ll be surprised at what you’ve been missing!

Learning More
Another great perk of working with fresh produce distributors is that they’re happy to provide you with information regarding the produce itself and where it came from. No more guessing games on your end! You can even view photos and descriptions of what you’ll be ordering right here online before you make a decision. Whether you’re new to the food service industry or you’re just cautious about who and where you buy from, this is a great resource.

International Produce
Finally, one of the main perks of working with these distributors is that they often get produce directly from overseas which they can then ship directly to you. Fruits and vegetables arrive juicy and fresh, and they’re ready for you to prepare them and serve to your customers. Not only can you feel confident about the quality and freshness of the produce, but you’ll know that your customers are getting a delicious dish thanks to the attention to detail paid by the distributor you ordered from. Changing where you shop for your produce could be the boost your business needs!

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Posted by , on Dec, 2014

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