How to Eat a Soft-Shell Crab?

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If you have never experienced eating a soft-shell crab, it can be a bit of a daunting prospect. People often wonder if it’s acceptable to eat the entire crab, including the shell. It may also seem a bit intimidating to have an entire deep-fried crab placed in front of you. Because of that, we wanted to answer your questions and explain how to eat this delicacy. After that, you can get out there and find some fresh soft-shell crab for sale!

Soft-Shell Season
The season for soft-shell crab is usually from early in March through late September. This does depend upon the weather, though. The season begins down in Florida but then makes its way up the cost all the way to Maryland before starting the journey back down south to end the season in Florida again.

Hard-Shell vs Soft-Shell
It might surprise you to know that soft-shell and hard-shell crabs are of the same species. The difference is that soft-shell crabs shed the hard shell during a process known as molting. Not long after this occurs, the shell will again harder to make the crab a hard-shell again.

To Eat the Shell or Not
The truth is that the entire shell on a soft-shell crab is completely edible. There are also many ways to prepare this dish, depending on taste. They may be grilled, fried, or sautéed. Marinades are common, as is the addition of garlic and other fresh herbs. In Maryland, soft-shell crabs often come with a side of garlic herb butter.

Cooking Soft-Shell Crabs
There are as many recipes for soft-shelled crabs as there are those who eat them, so you can really make them fit your favorite flavor profile. If it’s your first time making this dish, you may want to purchase pre-cleaned crabs. However, some people love the fresh taste that comes from butchering and cleaning your own.

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Posted by , on Jan, 2018

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