How to Choose the Right Fertilizer Applicator

Posted by , on Mar, 2016

The right fertilizer applicator is a vital piece of equipment for any farm.  Fertilizer to amend the soil is a necessity but ensuring that you are getting the fertilizer where it needs to be and not allowing it to be too built up or concentrated in any one area depends on the equipment that you are using.  There are a few easy steps to choosing the right applicator for your needs.

Step 1
The first step in making an applicator choice is to determine what size area you will be treating and what you will be treating it with. Applicators come in a wide range of size selections and styles. Figuring out what will be best for your needs starts with being able to determine the size you will need and whether you will be using a liquid mix (the most popular) or a granular mix.

There are different tank sizes for each option. If you have a small area that you normally treat you can get by with a smaller applicator. It is usually best to go a bit larger than you think you will need so that in the future you will have a larger applicator on hand if you need it. Smaller will save you some money but it may turn out that the size of your farm grows and the smaller option

Step 2
Brand consideration is you next decision maker. There are a range of different brands that compete with each other for your business.  Choosing a brand that will meet your demands is the next step. You want to choose from a selection of brands that offer reliable quality equipment that comes with a nice lengthy warranty against defects.  The goal is to choose an applicator that is going to be reliable and that you know is going to last for years.

Step 3
Buy from a trusted vendor. Once you have your size needs in mind and you have considered which brand can meet your needs the next step is to choose a trusted vendor that offers a wide range of options.  A trusted vendor is a must because they will be able to provide you with reliable quality equipment every time.

Choosing the right applicator makes the job easy and ensures that you will get optimal results. The right vendor offering a good selection of equipment makes the entire process easier.

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Posted by , on Mar, 2016

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