How to Avoid the Need for Tankless Water Heater Descaler

Posted by , on Mar, 2015

Water heaters are often among the most neglected appliances in a home. You probably do not pay any attention to your water heater until it malfunctions or breaks. If you live in a home where the water is hard, calcium will build up in the heat exchanger, causing the system to eventually shut down and require costly maintenance.

Cleaning out your heat exchanger is not only expensive, but is a difficult task which requires the use of harsh chemicals. By installing our chemical-free hard water treatment system, you can avoid break downs in your heating system and forget about the costly and tedious maintenance that is required to use a tankless water heater descaler.

A Smart Alternative to Tankless Water Heater Descaler

The one-time purchase and simple installation of our ScaleBlaster will ensure that the scaling up of calcium in your water heater will no longer be an issue in your home. By using our compact and computerized eco-friendly water softening system, you can rest assured that your system will stay running smoothly for years without the hassle of using a tankless water heater descaler.

How Does ScaleBlaster Work?

ScaleBlaster puts an end to calcium buildup inside of all water pipes and appliances, including hot water heaters, without requiring the use of any salts or harsh chemicals. The days of keeping up with costly maintenance for your water pipe systems due to calcium build up are over.

ScaleBlaster is our compact, computerized system which is installed easily onto your home’s incoming water line. It produces an oscillating electronic field and a modulating frequency wave form that changes the physical components of calcium. With this electronic wave form, calcium is no longer able to adhere to the surface of pipes and appliances. Your water will feel silkier, your skin will feel softer, your clothes will last longer, and you will no longer need to use tankless water heater descaler to maintain your heating system.

Benefits of Using ScaleBlaster

You will never have to endure the difficult process of cleaning out your hot water tank with the harsh chemicals used in tankless water heater descaler again. You will begin to see how much money you save, not only with cutting out maintenance costs, but with using less water every day.

Being a computerized water softening system, ScaleBlaster also has no negative impact on the environment. Other hard water treatment systems use a lot of salt which makes the run off harmful for the environment. Tankless water heater descaler requires the use of harsh chemicals which are bad for your health as well as the environment. The benefits of using ScaleBlaster are many and great for your home, yourself, your budget, and for the environment.

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Posted by , on Mar, 2015

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