How Long Does it Take to Fix a Transmission in Mesa?

Posted by , on Nov, 2015

For many customers, time and cost are equally important considerations when rebuilding an automatic transmission. The repair shop a customer chooses should be able to give a written estimate of how long the job will take. In some cases, an automatic Transmission in Mesa can be rebuilt in one day, but that usually only happens when the transmission has previously been removed from the vehicle. In this article is a list of reasons why the job could take longer.

* If a customer brings a car to the repair shop and they diagnose the problem, remove, reinstall and rebuild the transmission, the job can take roughly four days. Most shops only do one step a day, allowing them to account for unforeseen problems while meeting the deadline set forth in the estimate.

* Accurate diagnostics can take an entire day or even longer. Some electrical issues must be traced and resolved before a transmission diagnosis can be made.

* Labor can take a half day. Even automatic transmissions are complex, and the labor itself can be very time-consuming. A more complicated transmission can take days to rebuild, especially one on an exotic or sports car.

* Customers can have an effect on the length of the job. If a customer is indecisive or can’t be reached when approval is needed, the job can take much longer. Once a customer does give approval, their job is reinserted into the rotation.

* Discontinued or back ordered parts can cause delays. Even in such cases, transmission repair shops should know which parts commonly fail in certain types of transmissions, and that knowledge should help them when giving an estimated job length.

* Finding the cause of a problem can take longer than planned. Rebuilding transmissions are about more than replacing a broken part; the shop has to find out what caused the failure, or the customer will keep coming back. Likewise, if a shop employee makes an error, the job may have to be done again.

The length of time it takes to rebuild a Transmission in Mesa should be relatively close to the time quoted by the shop, but the customer can help to speed the process along. Customers should be reachable in case the shop needs approval, and they should be decisive when it comes to suggested parts and repairs. Contact Shift Right Transmission Repair and get the repair done sooner.

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Posted by , on Nov, 2015

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