How Is A Business Strategy Game Developed?

Posted by , on Jan, 2015

Sometimes it is hard to convince people, especially managers and directors, that the best forms of learning are those that are experiential, fun and interactive. Many company human resource and training directors may understand the benefits of a business strategy game as a professional development activity, but it may seem difficult to sell it to the managers.

Having these conversations can be easier, and more enlightening for the owners and managers, if you are able to talk about the concepts and development that goes into a top business strategy game.

Decision Making and Problem Solving

One of the key elements of any top business strategy game is that it encourages and develops both problem solving as well as decision making. However, it isn’t random or irrelevant problem solving and decision making skills as the game has a specific focus, which will include real life samples from the actual typical work scenarios and situations.

While the game is general enough to be played by a wide group of professionals within many different fields, the skills and concepts in the business strategy game are universal. Different games can also be targeted for various aspects of a business or can be customized with a trainer to meet your specific needs for training.

Collaborative Process

Another key element that comes to the surface in a well-designed business strategy game is that decisions made in business are collaborative. A manager may need insight and information from an employee or a different department, and through the game this collaboration is stressed through effective communication, group problem solving and the input of all team members.

This is really like shrinking or compounding a whole project into a few hours of fun, discussion and working together. With timers, board game activity and realistic scenarios your staff will be learning while they are gaining invaluable asset into what each other brings to the table.

In any well-designed business strategy game there are rules, limits and challenges. The more realistic and relevant the game is the more engaged those playing will be. This is certainly much more impactful and educational that another speaker or another video, it is the kind of learning that simply cannot be duplicated using any other method.

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Posted by , on Jan, 2015

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