How Implant Dentistry Services in Bethesda MD Work

Posted by , on May, 2015

For people with missing teeth, Implant Dentistry Services in Bethesda MD may be the best way to help them recapture the look that their smile used to have. Implant dentistry is a more modern alternative to the old fashioned dentures that you may already be familiar with. You can get dental implants to replace a single tooth or an entire row of teeth. Regardless of how many implants you are getting, you will usually have one tooth implant placed at a time. Unlike dentures, your implants will be permanent. Therefore, you won’t be dealing with any unusual maintenance.

For the most part, you will treat your new dental implants just like you treat your other teeth. The implants are stabilized with the help of metal support framework that your dentist installs with a dental drill. During the installation of the new implants, you won’t feel anything because you will usually be under a local anesthesia. If dental noise bothers you, your dentist may provide you with music or television as a noise distraction.

After you get your dental implants, you will need to give your mouth some time to adjust to the new teeth. You may be on a restricted diet for the first few days or first couple of weeks. For example, your dentist may caution you not to eat anything chewy, sticky, or unusually crunchy. Although your dental implants are now a permanent component of your mouth, they can still be dislodged if you experience some type of trauma. However, this is really no different than it is with your normal teeth. People often experience dental trauma in sports games, for example.

Overall, a dental implant is an excellent solution for anybody who suffers from teeth loss. Whether your tooth loss is at the front of your mouth or at the back, you need each and every tooth. A dental implant will function as a cosmetic improvement and as a functional improvement as well. If you need Implant Dentistry Services in Bethesda MD, you should consider calling Aspen Hill Implant & Family Dentistry PC. They work with dental patients of all ages, and can help with any of your custom implant dentistry needs. You can also visit them on Facebook for more information.

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Posted by , on May, 2015

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