How a Home Water Filter Can Save Your Family Money

Posted by , on Oct, 2017

The popularity of filtered water is one that holds steady with Americans regardless of factors like the economy and job market. People are always willing to pay a little extra – or sometimes quite a bit more – for pure, clean water. But how much more are they paying, and how could they be keeping a little more of that money in their pockets? A drinking water filter faucet installed in the home may be the answer.

Waste by the Bottle

Bottled water is not likely to go out of style anytime soon. It’s convenient, and customers feel good about drinking it. After all, our bodies need water daily and the water that comes from bottles is trustworthy for cleanliness and quality, right?

However, bottled water is a major source of both monetary waste and environmental pollution in America. Despite efforts by bottle manufacturers to lessen the amount of plastics being used in creating bottles, millions still stack up in waste bins and landfills every year. Additionally, bottles water costs nearly five hundred times as much per gallon as municipally sourced water. That’s a significant amount of money being thrown away by thirsty people every year!

The Filter Fix

Installing a filter in the home can be an excellent solution to avoid this cost. The use of a water filter in place of bottled water for drinking, cooking and other applications can save around $400 per person, annually. There are multiple ways to utilizes a filter in your home, and all of them can contribute to this significant savings.

Retailers of water filters and accessories specialize in tailoring filtration systems to the homes and lives of every kind of customer. Whether you’re living in an apartment and looking to save money with a refrigerator unit or settling into your first home and would like a drinking water filter faucet installed in your sink, all models and methods of water filtration are guaranteed to yield money-saving, health-boosting benefits that will make you glad you invested.

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Posted by , on Oct, 2017

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