Hiring Home Cleaning in Cincinnati

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When you need home cleaning in Cincinnati you should start out by interviewing a handful of potential companies or individuals. When you do this, have specific interview questions and make sure that you conduct a thorough interview. Ask questions about how the person got into their line of work, what they like about it, and how they work with their other clients. Make sure you check their references and their work history. Being thorough at the beginning will help you out a great deal later.

Set Your Trial

Before you hire home cleaning in Cincinnati you should set a trial period. This is a period between two and four weeks. If you are hiring them for the long term, you want to have this trial period so that you can make sure the person or company meets your expectations. This period allows them to really get used to your home and what it needs. If you find that you are not satisfied with the results after several visits then it may be time to find another home cleaning in Cincinnati service. This trial period is beneficial for you and for the housekeeper, as it offers protection for both of you.

Set Your Boundaries

It is important that you set clear boundaries with home cleaning in Cincinnati. You might want to set a list of chores that you need done regularly, things you want done less regularly, and any specific instructions for things. You should negotiate these things with the service you are going to use before they start. This will help you to set a clear routine and have an established way you will pay for extra chores or extra duties. Set boundaries on things that you do not want done in your home, such as the cleaner or their using your phone or stereo. If you do not mind them bringing music to play while they are cleaning, then say so, but make it clear that use of your computer and television are off limits.

Set a Schedule

Once you have the home cleaning in Cincinnati arranged, it is time to set your schedule. You will want to find a time that works best for you if you want to be present during the cleaning. If you do not mind having the service come in when you are away, you can give them a passcode, a spare key, or leave a particular side or back door unlocked. If you have an unexpected party and you want to have them clean thoroughly before and after, ask them about what this would cost and set it up as an additional duty. But be sure to give them notice in advance or they may not be available.

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Posted by , on Jan, 2015

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