High Speed Taps: A Selection Guide

Posted by , on Apr, 2016

In an industry where creating small and large-scale projects is a norm, there is no denying that high speed taps are crucial for threading purposes. Without these handy cutting tools, it would be very difficult to come up with a top-of-the-line model. Taps, just like other cutting tools, come in varying types and styles, and each of them was designed for a specific purpose. If you are caught between choosing different kinds of taps, below is a quick guide on the different taps that you may need for your next project:

Pipe Tap

As the name suggests, projects involving the production of either tapered pipe threads or conventional straight threads for pipe connections can use some help from a pipe tap. Made specifically for pipe thread forms, a pipe tap’s design is very ideal for these types of operations.

Spiral Fluted Tap

Spiral fluted taps are made up of spiral flutes that facilitate the proficient removal of chips from the hole. In the like manner, it functions to seal the gaps inside the hole by acting as a bridge.

Hand Tap

Primarily used for projects that involve either production tapping or hand tapping, hand taps are standard cutting tools that are made up of straight flutes. These types are utilized for general applications.

Spiral Point Tap

Spiral point taps bear a great resemblance to conventional hand taps in terms of dimensions. However, it has features that greatly differ from these standard taps. Its interior features make it the tap of choice of craftsmen handling projects that involve tapping through holes. In the like manner, the flute passages of these taps are much shallower than their counterparts, thereby allowing the user to gain higher power and speed when tapping.

Combined Drill and Tap

If you want to reduce both the need for machine operations and handling of parts, combined drill and tap is the perfect tool for you as it is specifically engineered to drill and tap in just a single pass, making operations much easier.

Interrupted Thread Tap

Perfect for tapping materials made up of low carbon steels, non-ferrous metals, alloys and titanium, interrupted thread taps are characterized by an odd number of lands, along with alternating teeth.

Selecting the right tap is vital to make sure that you won’t face problems with your operations. With the right tapping equipment, you can ensure quality and speed in just a single click.

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Posted by , on Apr, 2016

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