High Quality Furnaces and Equipment for Melting Metal

Posted by , on Aug, 2014

Metal melting equipment is used for a number of industrial purposes. Furnaces that melt metal are designed with innovation and precision, to reach high enough temperatures that will efficiently melt precious, semi-precious, and non-ferrous metals. They also melt metal alloys. When you need equipment to melt down metal, it is vital to purchase furnaces that are equipped with top of the line speed controls, temperature range systems, and safety features. The equipment should operate at high energy efficiency levels as well. Functionality is important, so ensure that it is never sacrificed under any circumstances. Metal melting furnaces can be expensive to purchase, so you need to ensure that the equipment is durable, safe, and efficient where productivity is concerned.

Whether you are the owner of an industrial facility, or need metal melting furnaces for other purposes, Charles A. Hones, Inc. is one of the top manufacturers in the industry. Their level of quality is simply unmatched, and they are known for the diverse range of superior equipment they have to offer. With more than 6 sizes of metal melting furnaces available, they have equipment available for all types of applications and uses. The sizes range from 160 to 2,700 lbs. lead capacity, and they can be used to melt all types of metals including tin, bismuth, pewter, lead, Babbitt, solder, and even soft metals.

When you buy melting furnaces from Charles A. Hones, Inc. you can expect durability at its finest. Their furnaces are well-insulated with up to 2 inches of 1,200OF block insulation, and they are designed to melt metals very quickly using propane, natural gas, or low pressure. With the modular designs that the company uses, fabricating time is reduced significantly. This means more money in your pocket and great value for your money in purchasing the equipment. Charles A. Hones, Inc. warrants all of their equipment, and they are committed to ensuring that every piece of equipment they manufacturer adheres to high quality stands and passes inspection before it ever leaves their facility. They are highly trusted by numerous companies around the world, and they provide superb support. They also have parts and components available, so you will never have to worry about having long periods of down time in the event that your furnace requires maintenance or replacement parts. Contact them today for questions or for further information.


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Posted by , on Aug, 2014

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