Here’s Why You Should Be Looking for English Teaching Jobs in South Korea

Posted by Jake Field , on Oct, 2014

Good English language skills are in strong demand all over the world. In fact, English is now generally considered to be the global language for business and technology. English also dominates the global film, television and radio industries, and there is a growing demand for a greater understanding of English language slang, colloquialisms and humor.

About one billion people are currently learning English as a second language, making it the most studied second language in the world. This staggering statistic means that English language teachers can find work in just about any country they choose, and there are many wonderful jobs just waiting for people willing to experience life in another country.

South Korea – Everyone’s Favorite
One of the most popular countries in which to teach English as a foreign language is South Korea, and there are several reasons for this:
*Good salaries – You can expect to save in the region of $10 000 in a year, even if you go out a couple of times a week. Tax rates and cost of living are very low, and most South Korean teaching contracts include a free, furnished apartment and return airfares.
*Fascinating culture – from the people to the food to other cultural aspects, South Korea is vibrant and very different.
*Ease of travel – many people with English teaching jobs in South Korea take advantage of the up to 23 days’ annual leave and travel to nearby Japan, China, Vietnam, Thailand and the rest of Southeast Asia.
*A safe, secure and advanced society – Korea has high standards of service and technology, and the shopping – especially online – is excellent.

How Do I Find English Teaching Jobs in South Korea?
The best, safest and most advisable way is to go through a recognized agency. Agencies have the best experience in this area, and can answer any and all questions you may have.

They will also have pre-established relationships with the schools and universities in South Korea, and have essentially done all the research and legwork for you! You can thus rest assured that any school you are sent to via a recognized agency has been vetted and approved. This can be very reassuring for first-time international teachers.

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Posted by Jake Field , on Oct, 2014

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