Help Wanted: “Renting Apt in NYC”

Posted by , on Oct, 2014

Have you posted this phrase all over your social media accounts, begging for advice from friends or strangers with no luck? Thankfully, help for renting an apartment in New York City has arrived with these four tips:

1. Stick to Your Budget
Sticking to your budget is apartment hunting’s cardinal rules, but it is worth repeating. You never want to scramble to make ends meet for rent, so only shop for apartments within your price range. Ask about any included amenities, and make a budgeted list of everything that will not be. This could include subway passes, laundry facilities, Internet services, groceries, gym memberships, and basic electric.

2. Narrow Down Your List of Must-Haves
How many of your must-haves are set in stone, and which ones are actually flexible? While it is important to know what you like in an apartment, you should distinguish between your “wants” and your “needs”. For example, a longer commute might not seem so bad if you live close to a subway stop. However, if you love the nightlife, be sure to choose a neighborhood close to some of the hottest spots.

Similarly, would you consider living in Brooklyn of Bushwick, or do you have your heart set on Astoria or Murray Hill? The more open-minded you can be about the housing search as a whole, the more likely you are to find the perfect apartment.

3. Find a Roommate
If you decide to live alone, there are plenty of studio and one-bedroom options in nearly every neighborhood. If, however, you want to split rent with someone, you should know what you are looking for in a roommate. Do you want to live with another working professional or student? Would you like an outgoing roommate who can introduce you to people? Would you prefer living with a roommate who has a similar background as yours?

Unfortunately, mindlessly posting ads with the title “renting apt in NYC” may not bring the best results. Instead, use the resources you have at hand by asking your friends, family, and extended relatives if they know of anyone who lives in New York City. The person they refer you to is likely happily situated but may know of someone else who is apartment hunting. If you want to find a roommate and an apartment in one step, consider using roommate share services to browse options in all neighborhoods.

4. Consult with a Broker
When it comes down to it, consulting with an experienced real estate broker is one of the best ways to navigate the NYC housing market. Whether you are hunting for furnished or unfurnished studios, singles, or multi-bedroom apartments, you are sure to find your ideal new home.

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Posted by , on Oct, 2014

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