Health Advantages Of Having A Swim Spa In Your San Diego Home

Posted by , on Nov, 2016

Most homeowners believe that the most unattainable and desired item is a swimming pool, though most people can’t afford one or don’t have room for one. However, they may not realize that there is another option. Your San Diego home may not be complete without some water source that can be played in, enjoyed, and exciting. A swim spa can be an excellent alternative to pools, and offer some health benefits, as well.

More Compact

Full-sized swimming pools can be cumbersome and hard to place, especially on a small property. However, a swim spa is more likely to work well in the same space. For example, an average pool is approximately 18 x 36 feet, while spas are about half that size and can fit in large rooms and small backyards.

Low Cost

These spas work well in San Diego because they are less expensive than a pool. While the upfront costs can seem similar, you’ll have fewer maintenance issues and use less water. Therefore, you’re also using fewer chemicals, which must be used each month and are expensive. When considering all the costs of ownership, it makes more sense than a pool.

Health Benefits

Those who have health problems, including stress, pain, weak muscles and arthritis, may benefit from a swim spa in San Diego. Water is therapeutic and can increase circulation and blood flow, which may reduce pain from diabetes and other pains in the body. Likewise, you can use it as a low-impact cardio workout, which can help you strengthen your muscles and tone the body.

Likewise, you may feel more relaxed afterward, which means you may sleep better. You’re essentially getting a pool, hot tub, and gym all in one unit, making it an unbeatable option for many. Visit Aqua Paradise.

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Posted by , on Nov, 2016

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