Harness The History Of Your Company Or Organization

Posted by , on Jun, 2016

There are many facets to your company or organization. Wouldn’t it be nice to organize how your company was created from start to finish? Whether you started your own business, or you took over your family business, there is a story to be told. Since your company or organization is still in business, you should share your story and reach out to people that would love to be a part of your business or organizations story.

Have a Digital Archive of Your Business

Having a company like Heritage Management Company that can come in and create a digital archive of your company is a great idea for many reasons. Having an archive not only allows you to keep track of the company history but if you ever wanted to expand your company, or share your company with another business, it can highlight your achievements. You can keep a digital copy of this in a storage bank to ensure that it stays safe, yet well within your reach when you need it. An archive of your company can also include oral histories. This is done by an oral historian that will document the unwritten history.

Creating a Story Bank for Your Business

When you hire a company to create a story bank of your business, it is similar to digital archiving. However, a story bank is a mixture of images and stores that are centered on a certain thing, such as your business. This is done by using the history of your company, to the present. It can be used in almost any circumstances. For instance, a celebration of how long your company has been in business. A storyline to release to the media, potential clients and employees can also benefit from watching a story bank of your business. The History Factory can help you create and archive your story. Follow us on twitter.

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Posted by , on Jun, 2016

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