Hard Water and the Headaches It Can Bring

Posted by , on Sep, 2018

Some people believe there are few differences between water from your tap in Watertown WI and water from your neighbors tap in nearby Cedar Creek. Yet, the truth is, if one home has a water softener system and the other one does not, the differences are like night and day. Here are some reasons to consider soft water systems.

Hard Water from Your Tap

Hard water typically comes directly from the public water treatment facility to your home. The term “hard” comes from all the minerals and deposits dissolved in the water. This water may contain ingredients like calcium, magnesium, iron, and sulfate compounds. When you install residential water softeners from companies like Schaeferssoftwater.com you effectively remove these minerals.

Corrosion and Hard Water

Minerals in your water can create a lot of corrosion in a plumbing system. Deposits can cling to the walls of pipes, valves, and wreak havoc with faucets. Many leaky faucet problems come from hard water. Residential water softeners in West Bend WI (close to Watertown) help you eliminate these problems.

Soap and Hard Water

Ions in hard water cause soap produce scum (instead of soap lather). This makes it harder for soap to do its cleaning job. For example, you may need to use shampoo on your hair several times just to get a good lather. Hard water also affects the detergent in your washing machine. It cannot get clothes as clean as it normally would. Water softeners remove minerals causing soap scum, so laundry soap is more efficient.


Does your water emit unpleasant odors? This is often caused by contaminants like sulfur. Sometimes the smell is so unpleasant; you cannot drink the water. Water softening professionals test your water and install equipment to get rid of all your hard water problems. Check online for water softener companies located “around me” for more info.

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Posted by , on Sep, 2018

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