Handy tools to keep the Bible at your fingertips

Posted by , on Apr, 2017

Whether you are an avid Bible reader or you are just learning how to get started with reading and memorizing the Bible, it helps to have it handly. The New Testament by itself can be carried easily and without becoming an inconvenience. However to carry the entire King James Bible may prove a bit unwieldy. This is why having handy tools to keep the Bible ready and available at your fingertips is so helpful. Exploring your options can help you decide what tools are right for you.


Carrying your Bible in a Backpack

If you are planning a camping trip or a short hike and you will be bringing along a backpack, you can consider bringing the Bible with you. However if you need something more portable, you can actually opt for the more modern Bible app. You can download King James Bible app on your smartphone and bring it with you wherever you go. Many people are still unaware of this handy but amazing feature.


Reading Your Bible on the Go

You can read the Bible on the go and in an instant when you download King James Bible application for iPhone or for Android phones. This handy app has everything you need and more to listen to the Bible while you are travelling or just resting at home. With the downloaded app, it’s easier than ever to save a full version of the Bible and access it on the go. Whether you choose to listen, read, or both, you can easily feel encouraged and supported by the life giving words of the Bible no matter where you are.


Use playlists to highlight your favorite verses

By using the playlist features found on the app, you can easily and effortlessly highlight inspirational verses and meaningful passages that stand out to you.

When you choose to carry your Bible, you can lose it or misplace it. However a phone is small, compact, and easier to keep on your person. Try to download King James Bible app today to see how easy it is to have the Bible at your fingertips.

The Scourby Bible App offers everything you need to listen to and read the Bible in peace. Find out more when you visit them online at http://scourby.com.

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Posted by , on Apr, 2017

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