Hand dryers and bacteria

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With little else going for them, paper towel manufacturers insist that the major cause of bacteria is a restroom hand dryer. Even though this argument has been debunked time after time, the industry will not concede the fact that restroom hand dryers spread no more bacteria than paper towels do. There is little or nothing the paper towel industry can do to improve their product; a paper towel is just that, a paper towel. This is certainly not the case with the electric hand dryer industry; push button dryers which do require human intervention are rapidly being replaced by “hands off” dryers that turn on and off when touch-free sensors are activated.

Where do restroom bacteria come from?

The only way to avoid bacteria in a public restroom is never to enter one. There have been several studies done that have found that the number one offender when it comes to bacteria is the sink, the apparatus with the least bacteria is a soap dispenser. A restroom hand dryer does not spread bacteria, especially when you consider that the majority of restroom hand dryers are “hands-free,” the same reasoning that is behind the development of sensor operated flush mechanisms for toilets and urinals.

Avoiding bacteria in a public restroom:

It is not possible for a public restroom to be free of bacteria. The typical sink is densely populated with bacteria; it is here where the most bacteria will spread through contact, the best way is to avoid touching faucet handles altogether. It is not only the sink and faucet handles, think of the number of people who avoid washing their hands; they leave the restroom by pushing on the door plate or pulling on the door handle.

Yes, things are changing in public restrooms; the combination of the best restroom hand dryer, sensor operated toilets and urinals and touch-free faucets are all doing their part. Perhaps these innovations in public restroom hygiene are what are cutting paper towel manufacturers out the future in public washroom hand dying.

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Posted by , on Oct, 2017

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