Going to a Clinic in Maui for a Corneal Abrasion

Posted by , on Jun, 2015

An individual’s cornea is a transparent “window-shaped” dome covering the frontal portion of the eye. When a cut or scratch occurs here, it’s referred to as a corneal abrasion. Considered one of the more frequent types of injury to the eyes, corneal abrasions can be caused by a direct hit with a sharp item such as an ink pen, a staple, nails or a sewing needle. Other ways they can occur is from tiny particles of dust or sand flying into the atmosphere due to welding work, carpentry or mowing. Fingernail scratches are often common offenders, too. If you are experiencing this, visit your local Clinic in Maui immediately.

These type of abrasions happen in individuals of all age ranges, however, the most likely to suffer from these abrasions are:

* Babies whose eyes are scratched accidentally with fingernails

* Youngsters playing with writing utensils or scissors

* Sports were playing individual who neglects to wear eye protection to protect against airborne debris or the incidental scratch from another athlete. Research indicates most eye injuries stem from baseball and football as opposed other sports.

* Individuals with hobbies or occupations that require the use of sharp instruments. Sewing and woodworking are prime culprits, producing dust and requiring sharp tools.

* Workers subject to eye injuries in the workplace, especially those working in agriculture and construction.

* Any person who has inserted contact lenses without clean hands, or who doesn’t keep their contacts cleaned on a regular basis.

To be quite frank, these scratches on the eye can be painful, causing you to feel you have something in your eye you simply can’t get out. The eyes become red, and you may experience blurred vision. A person may not recognize the origin of the injury as it often manifests itself hours after the original injury. Typically, a person will feel a great deal of pain around the eye, experiencing eye spasms and intense watering. The pain will most likely intensify when exposed to light.

If you are unable to see an ophthalmologist at the time, visit a Clinic in Maui or emergency room for immediate treatment. Visit website or contact Wailea Medical Center for more information.

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Posted by , on Jun, 2015

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