Getting Estate Law Advice from Medicare Lawyers in New York

Posted by , on Jul, 2015

A person has worked hard all his or her life. The last thing anyone would want to happen after working so diligently all his or her life is to have their life’s savings depleted because of illnesses. This is where an attorney who practices elder law would come in. Such an attorney will help individuals to protect their assets in the event of illnesses and will help to dispose of those assets in the event of the person’s death. One of the confusing things about illnesses and age is Medicare.

There are Medicare lawyers who will help clients understand how Medicare is supposed to work on their behalf when they get sick. In particular, clients need to understand how the new Affordable Health Care Act affects them in relation to Medicare. The law actually strengthens the Medicare plan by protecting and bringing improvements to the benefits that are guaranteed. It also cracks down on waste, fraud, and inefficient use of the plan. The Affordable Health Care Act keeps the Medicare program more stable for 12 years longer than it would have been without it.

What clients will or should receive as a result of the new health care law is an eventual closure in what is called the “doughnut hole” of prescription drug plans, add free preventative care benefits, help improve access to doctors for primary care, and see a crackdown on waste, fraud, and inefficiency. If you are a senior with Medicare, but are not receiving your benefits as you should, contact the Medicare representative. If there is no success with that, contact a lawyer well-versed in elder law.

Mark Aberasturi is an attorney based in Goshen who has devoted his legal career to helping families protect their loved one’s assets through estate planning. His law firm is dedicated to practicing elder law and estate planning for clients throughout the area. The law firm provides advice on matters relating to nursing homes, Medicare, Medicaid, estates, wills, and trusts. If you are looking for Medicare Lawyers in the Goshen, New York area, visit the website of Mark Aberasturi for a start at website.

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Posted by , on Jul, 2015

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