Getting Commercial Overhead Doors In Oahu To Work Properly

Posted by , on Jul, 2015

As with any other door system, Commercial Overhead Doors in Oahu can develop problems. Being able to quickly troubleshoot these problems can save people from having to wait for a repair tech to come out to fix the door. A repair tech might only be needed for a major problem. Troubleshooting also will help people to get a fair estimate on any work that they choose to have done. If they know exactly what is wrong with the overhead door, they can’t be talked into other services that they really don’t require.

A good number of people who own Commercial Overhead Doors in Oahu have probably dealt with a door that refuses to either open or close. If a door owner hasn’t had the problem in the past, there is a good chance that it might happen in the future. Automatic doors might be suffering from some type of wiring issue. Old wiring can become frayed. Some owners have even discovered that their wiring was used like a chew toy by rodents or other animals. Battery issues or tripped circuit breakers can also stop automatic overhead doors from working. In some cases, overhead doors might not open or close because they were hung wrong. A company like and other quality companies test doors during installation to make sure they are hung properly.

A door might also have a problem moving evenly. A door might move from side to side. This is usually caused by something obstructing the path of the wheels on the door’s track. The track has to be occasionally cleaned of debris in order for a garage door to work properly. If the track is clean and the door still isn’t moving evenly, the springs need to be checked. One of the springs may need to be replaced. The springs need to be the same length with the same flexibility in order for an overhead door to work as it should.

Loud noises are also common problems with overhead doors. These noises are easily fixed with lubrication. It only takes a few minutes to lubricate the parts to make a door quiet again. Parts should be clean before lubrication is added. Lubricating dirty parts can lead to gunk being formed.

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Posted by , on Jul, 2015

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