Get Social Security Disability in Minneapolis with the Help of a Lawyer

Posted by , on Feb, 2015

If they get sick, very few Minnesota residents can live off of their savings for one year. That’s exactly what the Social Security Administration expects them to do. A person who is too sick to work cannot apply for Social Security Disability in Minneapolis until they have been unemployed for 12 consecutive months. Even then, most of the applications are denied. A person should hire an SSD Lawyer in Minneapolis to help them with their initial application. This ensures that they will get their disability benefits as fast as possible.

Many sick people and their doctor spend too much time describing their illness. While this is certainly part of the application, the applicant and their doctor have to show that their illness prevents them from working. This is necessary because there are sick people who are able to keep working. The people who review disability applications have a set of guidelines that list illnesses and their symptoms that prevent people from working. These guidelines are contained in a book with a blue cover. It is commonly referred to as the Blue Book. When a person states that they can’t work because they have frequent migraine headaches, the social security reviewer will look up migraine headaches and the established disability criteria. If the applicant doesn’t have most of these the application will be denied.

The lawyer who is representing the disabled person knows about the Blue Book. He fully understands how social security reviewers use the guidelines. He will never tell an applicant to lie about his illness. If the applicant’s disability differs from the guidelines, he will have a doctor explain the variation. He will also have a vocational professional explain why the symptoms are just as debilitating as the stated guidelines.

The Social Security Disability Lawyer will also review other similar illnesses. He will try and find an illness that has the same disability criteria that his client has. He will argue to the reviewers that if the criteria determine that one person is disabled, a second person with the same criteria should also be disabled. This is referred to as an equivalent disability. It is a common argument that is used to prove that a person is entitled to Social Security Disability in Minneapolis.

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Posted by , on Feb, 2015

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