Foundation Leveling in Houston, TX Restore a Home’s Structural Integrity

Posted by , on Mar, 2015

Home foundation and repair is one of those things that seem so ambitious and include costs that could potentially be staggering. It is always difficult to gauge the cost of a Foundation Leveling in Houston TX, because of all the complexities of the task and the damage that can go unseen until a project manager and their team really gets in there. The overall cost can be analyzed by looking at the various tasks involved, from the initial inspection through to bar reinforcement and the process of lifting a home (yes, this happens).

Minor Cracks

A Foundation Leveling in Houston TX, can actually cost a very reasonable and relatively small amount of money. If the foundation has some small cracks in the concrete or stone, they can be patched up. The total cost could range from about $1,500 to $3,000. This is a high estimate, but it only applies to homes that have minor damage.

Excavation and the Whole Nine Yards

This is a worst case scenario. It may involve new addition of drainage, new concrete pouring, and installing additional reinforcement to help stabilize the foundation. Sometimes, new soil is added to make it especially rigid. This type of extensive repair and foundation leveling is a little harder to pinpoint. It can cost a modest $4,000, but some projects can get a bit pricier. Overall, leveling is a reasonably priced project that could potentially point out some more expensive realities about the foundation, from degraded concrete to termite damage.

A Team Inspection

To determine if a foundation leveling is extensive and requires a full excavation, or if it can be completed with some patching and a small team, an inspection is done. A homeowner can get an inspection from the team doing the actual work. But, they can also get an estimate independently from contracted inspector. This will cost about $900, but it is not as expense that a leveling team will need to account for, making the actual project quote less.

If anyone suspects any kind of foundation concerns in the home, they can learn more here. This covers basic expectations, cost concerns, and how long the project can potentially take.

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Posted by , on Mar, 2015

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