Finding the Best Annealing Services

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If you are in search of annealing services, you have special needs. For best results, it’s vital to find the right company with people who understand your business. Here are some important things to look for when you check out annealing companies.

Can They Handle Your Needs?
You might find efficient <a href=”” title=”Annealing Services”>annealing services</a> and they may be quite good with some metals. But what if they are not equipped to handle stainless steel? You might not use stainless steel all the time, but if you have occasional needs, you don’t want to go to another provider. This is not good for efficiency. Make sure the company you select can take care of most metal types you use.

What Kind of Annealing Services Do They Provide?

Check closely with company officials to determine the process used for heat treating metals. For example, do they employ standard tempering or stabilizing methods? Perhaps they utilize innovative strategies for getting the best results.

Do They Have Furnaces with Atmospheric Management?

This is an extremely important consideration, when choosing annealing services. Without strict management of atmospheric conditions inside the furnaces, you greatly increase the chances for rust and corrosion.

Can They Furnish Customer References

Checking references is an excellent way to discover more about annealing services. Present and past customers can tell you what you may expect and if there are any problems or shortcomings to be aware of. This information can help you make the right choice for your business.

Can They Perform Other Important Metal Services?

Some annealing companies can serve many of your needs. Here are some of the additional services you may find:

  • Brazing
  • Stainless steel services
  • Third party assembly
  • Automotive
  • Aerospace – look for annealing services with aerospace certifications like AS9100.
  • Prototyping
  • Emergency services

Get Personal

It’s a good idea to get to know people in your annealing services personally. Meet with them in person and talk over the phone. You should be treated with respect and courtesy and these people should always conduct themselves as professionals.
If possible, ask for a tour of the plant. This can give you an excellent idea of their quality control measures and equipment. Check to see if parts are carefully inspected before they enter the furnace and as they exit. Look for facilities with plenty of lighting and they should be clean and free of debris. In some cases, tours may not be possible, but your annealing services should be able to provide video or photos of their facility.

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Posted by , on Sep, 2015

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