Finding Good Landscape Architects in Round Rock

Posted by , on Jun, 2015

Advertisements on television show beautifully landscaped yards that look perfect, this can leave homeowners wondering how to achieve the same effect. An easy way to have a professional looking backyard is by calling a landscaping professional. First a person must decide if they need the assistance of a landscape architect or a landscape designer. For additions such as flower beds and waterfalls, a landscape designer is perfect. However, for more complex details like retaining walls or swimming pool makeovers, the help of a landscape architect is warranted. There are questions to ask a landscape architect and benefits to learn that help in the selection process.

If someone has an appealing yard, ask them who their landscape architect is, word of mouth recommendations are honest and yield great results. Ask a few questions including any complaints they have about the service, the length of time the job took and how fairly the pricing was. Also, ask if the landscape architect was friendly and worked with them throughout the whole process to obtain good results.

It’s important to start research a few months before people want the work done because good Landscape Architects in Round Rock get booked quickly. Another option for finding a landscaping architect is utilizing the internet. Search the web for architects on the American Society of Landscape Architects by typing in the required information. The services approved by the association will show up along with contact information. When someone has selected landscape architects, they should interview the candidates to select the best one. While speaking to them on the phone don’t forget to ask for references. After the conversation assess whether or not the representative was polite and helpful and if all questions were answered.

Upon checking the references of Landscape Architects in Round Rock, narrow down the options to one landscape architect. Before scheduling the first design consultation, make a list on paper of what needs to be done in the yard. Landscape architects like Baker-Aicklen can show customers a portfolio of their work, provide an estimate on the spot and should have current insurance. Working with a professional who listens to the homeowner’s advice is important and can help a customer obtain a beautifully landscaped yard.

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Posted by , on Jun, 2015

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