Finding Alzheimer Care in Union County NJ: Questions to Ask

Posted by , on Feb, 2018

Before selecting the best agency to provide Alzheimer’s care, there are important questions to ask. There are many home care services available locally, but not all of them may be able to provide the right level of care needed. Knowing what kind of services and staffing each provider offers can help in the selection of good in-home Alzheimer care in Union County NJ.

What Kind of Staffing is Provided?

For the best Alzheimer’s care, staffing needs must be matched with the needs of the patient. There is no one care plan for all Alzheimer’s patients. The agency must therefore, work closely with the patient and their family to design a personalized solution. The primary source of staffing provided is home caregivers, but professionals are also needed to monitor the level of care and make recommendations where necessary.

The home caregivers must be trained on how best to care for and handle the needs of the patient. They may need to assist with moving around and bathing, so they must have the know-how. Providing in-home care needs compassion and commitment, so these qualities must be part of the package. Asking about the availability of staffing services is also important. As the disease advances, more care and eventually 24/7 care is required. Knowing whether or not this is available ahead of time can focus the search.

What Kind of Services Are Provided?

In addition to the 24-hour services that may be needed, it makes sense to ask about other services available. These services must be specially provided with an understanding of Alzheimer’s disease. Based on the recommendations and evaluations of the doctor, services that may be needed include memory care, assistance with meal preparation, eating, and personal care, and fall prevention services. Selecting a care service that has experience providing these services can make a big difference. For more information visit Visiting Angels.

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Posted by , on Feb, 2018

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