Filters, Tanks, Resins And Other Water Treatment Products

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Industrial, commercial and private consumers are well aware of the need to keep their water pure and clean. For companies, clear, clean water is an integral element of producing high quality food, drinks and drugs. They must protect the consumers. It is also required under various laws. For many home owners and renters of various abodes, pure water is part of them keeping themselves and their family safe from a variety of potential health problems. Both groups have something in common – the need to purchase and implement water treatment products.

Water Treatment Products

When it comes to selecting water treatment products, what is applicable will vary according to purpose, use and user. They can range from a complex water treatment system involving control valves, brine tanks and end systems. They can also be as simple as a water filter system attached to a faucet.

In general, common products for use in water treatment include the following:

* Brine tanks

* Brine cabinets

* Mineral tanks

* Retention tanks

* Control valves

* Fittings

* Filter medias

* Pressure vessels

* Polypropylene sediment cartridges

* Ion exchange resins

Two commonly known water treatment products are filter media and brine tanks.

Filter Media

Water often requires a media to filter out any impurities. They clean the water and/or protect it from becoming contaminated by filtering out any potential negative contents. The most common types of filter media are sand, manganese greensand, calcium carbonate, garnet, gravel, carbon and manganese dioxide.

Certain filters also may act as water softening agents. A resin filled filter is commonly used in this type of application. An ion-exchange resin is frequently employed in various water separation, purification, and decontamination procedures. Companies and individuals utilize these resin filters for both water purification and softening.

Brine Tanks and Cabinets

Besides filters, brine tanks or cabinets are specialized water treatment products used by industry and individual alike to help soften and purify water. Brine tanks range in size from something as small as a 5 gallon tank all the way up to one that is 150 gallons. It is made from durable plastic. The purpose of a brine tank or cabinet is to contain the mixture of water and salt or sodium required to “regenerate” the resin to produce soft water. The mixture of salt and water or water and sodium is called brine.

The process of obtaining potable water is not always a complex one, but it is necessary. Today, industries and individual consumers turn to water treatment products to ensure their water is safe. Unfortunately, with the increase in environmental degradation, this is becoming more and more a fact of life.

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Posted by , on Jul, 2014

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