Filing A Formal Claim Through A Car Accident Attorney In Pittsburgh

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Pennsylvania utilizes a no-fault system in terms of auto accidents. The system requires all drivers to maintain no-fault insurance to fulfill their financial responsibility. It also reduces the liabilities faced by most motorists and increases the odds of adequate coverage for expenses.

How a No-Fault System Works

Initially, all drivers involved in a car accident are required to file a claim through their insurance carrier. Their insurance policy provides them with funds to cover medical expenses and property damage. These funds are based on the amount of coverage the individual acquires. However, any driver who is injured and incur more than $2,000 of medical expenses qualifies for a formal claim.

Filing a Formal Claim

The first step of filing a formal claim is to present evidence of a qualifying injury. These injuries include by are not limited to broken bones, disfigurement, and loss of limb. In most instances, the injury must present a long-term disability or condition that could affect the victims throughout their lives. These effects could equate to a physical impairment or a resulting mental condition. Tort rulings could apply to these case if the victim suffered severe devastation. To start an initial claim, contact a Car accident Attorney Pittsburgh today.

When the Victim Played a Role in the Accident

When reviewing the circumstances that caused the accident, the court examines the actions of all drivers. If it is determined that the victim shared the fault in the accident, their total award for damages is reduced. A percentage is applied to their case based on the moving violation identified. If this percentage exceeds fifty percent, the court could rule to deny any award of damages.

Victims of serious automobile accidents have the opportunity to file a formal claim. According to the personal injury laws, they have a window of two years following the accident to file. Since all drivers are required to maintain personal injury protection, the cost to treat their injuries must exceed the maximum value for their coverage. They must also identify how the other driver caused the accident and is accountable for their injuries. To learn more about formal claims, hire a Car accident Attorney Pittsburgh by contacting Alpern Schupert P.C now.

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Posted by , on Jun, 2015

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