Essential Bar Equipment

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Setting up a bar may look simple, but it is not. You need to address a variety of details. Of particular importance is the bar equipment for sale online versus retail outlets. There is a vast variety of equipment out there – both new and used. What you choose ultimately depends on the type of bar you plan to operate. The following is a list of different types of bar equipment that you may want to consider.

Basic Bar Equipment

When you see bar equipment for sale, it’s most likely to come with the following items. Remember when choosing pieces, they should reflect the character of your bar. By selecting those that “fit” your space, you are working on making it both functional and efficient.

  • Back Coolers: Behind your bar, you need to have at least one conveniently placed back bar cooler. They can slide right under a countertop or sit on top of one. Back coolers keep drinks cold and food at a safe temperature.

  • Sink: This is a completely indispensable item. Where else can you quickly rinse off and sanitize glassware? Make sure the sink you choose is in line with the local health codes.

  • Glassware: Never choose glassware without first knowing the drinks you are going to serve. The type of glass indicates a certain drink. In fact, it may even help sell your drink. At the same time, be sure to choose glasses that are durable.

  • Caddy: These handy little items are storage spaces for all the extras a bartender may need. They hold cocktail napkins, large condiment skewers and toothpicks, as well as other bar-related items for easy access.

  • Speed Rail: Any bar equipment for sale will include several types of speed rails. They may be single or double tiered. Size, shape and length will also differ. Choose the one that is capable of keeping your bottles of liquor and mixers carefully organized for fast and easy access.

  • Liquor Pourer: These fitted spouts give accurate measurement and control. Buy free-flow or measured pourers.

  • Cocktail Shaker: Some popular drinks are shaken in a cocktail shaker before they enter the glass. Types include: American, Boston, Italian and Standard.

  • Mats: A lot of bar equipment for sale will include the rubber bar service mats. These keep the workstation clean and safe by preventing them from being sticky or slippery. Floor mats also help keep the staff comfortable by providing them with some cushioning for their feet.

  • Glass Washers: You need a glass washer to properly clean the glasses and glassware. These come in a variety of types and can be manual or machine powered.

Bar Equipment for Sale

When it comes time to outfit your bar, you need to prepare a list of specific items. Then you have to make sure that they fit into the allotted space. If not, you may have to adjust the list according to the space. Only when you are certain that the equipment fits the needs of your bar, clientele, space requirements and your budget, can you go ahead and order online. Make sure to add Economy Restaurant & Bar Supply to your list of online retailers with bar equipment for sale.

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Posted by , on Sep, 2015

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