Don’t Let Yourself Get Fooled by Solar Misconceptions

Posted by , on Nov, 2016

You may have heard all the hype about solar power and are starting to wonder if it may be a good time to get a solar installation. The advancements over the past five years have allows people to entirely replace traditional energy with solar energy, making solar power the easiest way to go green. It’s also incredibly affordable, at prices that you would’ve never thought possible before. However, you may also have heard negative things about solar energy in the past such as that it doesn’t provide a sufficient amount of power or that it’s unreliable. While these things have been true in the past, they are actually false today. With modern solar panels, solar electrical systems in New Jersey are actually extremely efficient and reliable.

More Power

Not long ago the thought of powering your home with solar energy was almost a laughable idea. The solar panels even five or six years ago weren’t powerful enough to support an entire home unless you were willing to buy top of the line panels that costed enormous sums of money. Today however, energy efficiency in solar panels has been increased to unprecedented levels, to the point that you can live entirely off the grid using solar power. When you consider the cost, you can pay off the cost of your solar installation after only a few years of not paying electrical bills.


One common misconception is that solar power is unreliable. Many critics say that when the sun goes down, off goes your power. That’s all wrong however, as the solar panels that exist today harvest so much energy from the sun that they actually bank up a reserve power during the day and use that at night. This reserve power is usually enough that over the course it can build up into several hundred dollars’ worth of energy that you can sell back to the government. Another thing to note when discussing the reliability of solar panels is that since you’re on your own power network you’re actually unaffected by power outages. At the end of the day that makes solar power even more reliable in fact. Click here for solar electrical systems in New Jersey

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Posted by , on Nov, 2016

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