Does Your Dog or Cat Have Non-stop Loose Stool?

Posted by , on Apr, 2017

Having a pet is a great experience and it has been shown that pets help reduce stress in their owners, plus help them get exercise and give unconditional love, so that’s why any pet store in Jacksonville, FL wants to teach pet owners how to handle it if their dog or cat gets loose stools and needs to help their pet.

Dogs and cats are just as susceptible to getting loose stool as humans, but we can’t just give them human medicine to help them feel better, as that could do more harm than good to our furry friends. So, it’s best to seek out a veterinarian, but while you are waiting to get the appointment, you could also use all natural dietary remedies such as the following.

Look for Natural Medicines at a Pet Store in Jacksonville, FL
If your dog or cat is prone to getting non-stop loose stool there are home remedies you can try, plus natural medications carried at some pet stores, but be sure to call your veterinarian for advice. Some of the possible things to try at home are natural pumpkin (not pumpkin pie mix!) to provide fiber, and pets usually go for the flavor; slippery elm; or you can first try adjusting their diets such as the amounts of cooling meats, carbs, treats, veggies or botanicals. Once again, be sure to get expert advice as to the dosage, timeframe for treatment, etc.

Get Help for Your Pet at Earth Pets
One place that you can get good advice for dogs and cats who are having loose stools is at one of the two locations for Earth Pets, which are located in Gainesville and their pet store in Jacksonville, FL. You can call them at Gainesville at (352) 331-5123  or in Jacksonville at (904) 677-4429 for help as they are experts in helping animals, as well as supporting animal rescues, and more.

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Posted by , on Apr, 2017

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