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To the true connoisseur, Maryland Blue Crabs are considered to be the crème de la crème of crabs and as such it is known and sought after throughout the country. There are a phenomenal number of crab species but none of them can come close to taste and texture of blue crabs from Chesapeake Bay. In terms of volume, close to three quarters of all crab sold is blue crab and of that, Maryland blue crab is the most popular. A blue crab may look fearsome but once it has been steamed and the crabs are shipped to a customer all that is forgotten.

Cooking live crabs:

You can take advantage of the pros and have your blue crabs steamed and then packed and shipped. If you are adventurous or you want to use a specific seasoning then you can order live crabs and steam them at home.

One thing that is very important, when your crabs arrive, waste no time, steam them as soon as possible. It doesn’t take much, you don’t need a steamer; a large pot will do nicely. Put a couple of inches of water in the pot and place a rack in the pot above the water line. You do not want to boil the crab, you want to steam it.

Before you put the crabs in the pot liberally cover them with a seasoning of your choice, in the Chesapeake Bay region where crabs are prepared and shipped, the favorite seasoning is Old Bay.

Cover the pot and stem the crabs for five to ten minutes once the top starts to move from the steam pressure. The perfectly cooked Maryland blue crab will be a shade of orange.

If you decide to have steamed crabs shipped to your home you can reheat them using the same approach just don’t steam them for as long. For more information, visit Harbour House Crabs.

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Posted by , on Jun, 2017

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