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In decades past, smoking a pipe was a manly and gentlemanly thing to do and those who did smoke pipes were considered the elite. Over the decades, cigarettes became more popular than pipe tobaccos, but the fad has not died out completely. However, it can be difficult to find certain tobaccos, such as Captain Black, in your local tobacco shop because it has become less popular over the years with newer smokers.

Pipes Vs. Cigarettes

Most people that smoke currently do so using cigarettes because they are easy to purchase and smoke. They are already rolled and ready to go, making them the choice of today’s fast-paced smoking community. However, pipes are the perfect option for someone who wants to slow down and enjoy their smoke, creating the perfect damp and settling in for an enjoyable experience.

If you feel that smoking cigarettes or cigars are not for you, consider the pipe, as it offers a great alternative to other options.

Blend Your Own

While most people prefer an already-blended tobacco, you can always purchase multiple pouches of different varieties to blend your own special pipe tobacco using Captain Black. Many people prefer a flavored pipe but may feel the flavored tobacco is too strong or want a little menthol with their flavors. These people can purchase a flavored tobacco and a regular or mentholated tobacco and mix them together to create the perfect blend for their preferences.

Tins and Pouches

Most Captain Black pipe tobacco comes in either tins or pouches. While it is completely dependent on your preferences, most people prefer the pouches, as they are 1.5 ounces each and you get six pouches with your online order. The reason for preferring these pouches is that there is a lot less tobacco in each pouch, allowing it to stay fresher longer. Once the pouch is used, you can open another one.

The tins are 12 ounces each and are meant to be somewhat like a coffee can. You open it, break the seal and use it as you please. These tins work well if you are an avid smoker and prefer to smoke multiple pipes per day.

Other Options

If you are interested in other flavors or want to try smoking little cigars, Captain Black has great options for you. They offer their finest tobaccos in little cigars, with flavors of Cherry, Original, Peach, Vanilla and Sweets.


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Posted by , on Sep, 2014

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