Comparison: Paper Towels vs. Electric Hand Dryers

Posted by , on Jul, 2016

First, we’ll consider the paper towels effect on our environment. Within the process of manufacturing, trees are killed, and wood has to be transported to factories in which it then is manufactured into the paper towels we view in bathrooms. But, we probably can ignore potential deforestation impacts as typically wood derives from sustainable commercial forests.


Research, like that performed by the Westminster University, have discovered drying hands with Hand Dryers For Sale does increase the quantity of germs on a person’s hands after utilizing an electric hand dryer as paper towels appear not to affect the quantity of bacteria in existence after or before. But, the way in which these types of studies are carried out have to be questioned prior to agreeing with statements from Daily Telegraph like ‘is so unhygienic that it may be better not to wash, whatsoever. In further assessing research carried out that led to this type of extreme conclusions it looks as if that holding your hand underneath a hand dryer still, for the allocated quantity of time is important at decreasing germs on an individual’s hands which isn’t taken into consideration by this research. Furthermore, the truth that most bacteria are harmless also hasn’t been taken into consideration; it proves this research is at best inconclusive and at worst, very incorrect and misleading. Lastly, the sample sizes utilized are small and bigger studies have to be performed prior to any type of accurate conclusion being drawn.

Economic cost

The initial cost of hand dryers clearly surpasses that of its competition the hand towel. Also, it’s a fact that in the instance of American Dryer units, almost all units pay for themselves in underneath one year.

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Posted by , on Jul, 2016

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