CNC Machining Companies

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Machine shops are important to many industries, business operations and businesses where parts must be manufactured onsite. These shops allow various organizations to quickly create parts they might need for their vehicles, equipment or construction materials.

Most machine shops typically create the parts they need by hand. Skilled machinists perform this task by using a variety of hand tools, equipment and devices to get the job done. Even though machine parts are usually constructed by hand they are also manufactured by mechanical processes known as NC or numerical control.

Numerical control mechanisms are programmed with specific codes which are used to cut parts to specification. The codes have to be programmed to specification for them to be able to cut parts in a particular design. Most NC systems use computers to input information into a cutting machine. NC systems that use computers for this purpose are called CNC. A CNC machining company typically uses these types of machines to create parts for clients.

CNC Machining Services

CNC machining companies uses CAD and CAM programming to load into the tooling machines. Once these machines receive their instructions from CAD and CAM programming they begin to cut a particular material according to instruction. The machines can be programmed to use certain tools for a job and they can also be used to grind and sand parts to size as well.

CNC machining processes are efficient, highly productive and extremely accurate. Their accuracy guarantees consistent quality and identical parts for all of the items that are being produced. CNC machining processes are also an excellent choice for product development. Companies can generate familiar products and parts for sale or use without having to worry about issues with continuity.

Types of CNC Machining Companies

There are many different types of machining companies and they each provide a different service to clients.

Tooling Companies

Tooling companies concentrate on making and selling tools for manufacturers, businesses and independent clients. They also provide other services such as creating fixtures, dies and molds.

Workpiece Businesses

Workpiece CNC machining companies usually fulfill specific orders from other businesses needing a specific tool or part.

Product Producers

A product producing company uses CNC processes to build various tooling and products to retail businesses.

Prototype Companies

Prototype companies, such as Jifco Products Inc. sell prototype products for other companies to copy and then market to various clients. Most CNC machining companies operate as a products or workpiece producing business.

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Posted by , on Jun, 2015

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