Cincinnati—”Culinary Mecca?”

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Cincinnati, Ohio may not seem like a cultural Mecca, but in reality, there’s a reason it is known as “Queen City of the West,” and has been for nearly two centuries. The evidence of this is seen in the variety of the cuisine.

Taste of Cincinnati

Taste of Cincinnati is a world-renown culinary arts festival. Over 40 restaurants participate every year in the event that also features performances by local and nationally known musicians. About 500,000 people attend Taste of Cincinnati every year.

Pastry Tarts and Schnitzel

No cultural hub is complete without French food! Pigall’s, Bistro Jean-Ro and Greenup Cafe offer authentic French cooking and pastry tarts much like you would find on the streets of Paris! You won’t want for a schnitzel or German cuisine in Cincy! The German heritage of the city is represented well in several German and Bavarian eateries.

Where’s the Beef? In Cincy!

Arnolds’ Bar and Grill is part of the city’s history as one of the oldest restaurants in town. It opened for business in 1861 and their doors are open today in the very same spot. And of course, Certified Angus Beef brand began and remains headquartered in Ohio, so steak and potatoes are definitely on the menu! Tony’s is a top steakhouse in Cincinnati.

Flying Ribs

Bob Hope made the Cincinnati restaurant, Montgomery Inn, famous for his love of their ribs. He would order them from California and have them flown across the country to his dinner table.

Cincinnati Chili

Chili is a signature entrée for the city. Gold Star, Empress Chili and Dixie Chili are all popular chain restaurants that serve the famous dish, not in a bowl, but over pasta or a coney dog.

Fuel and Ice Cream

A malt shop, much like what you would picture form the 1950s, called United Dairy Farmers, can be enjoyed alongside a gas station/convenience store. Also the makers of Homemade Brand ice cream, you can order a double scoop while you pump your gas!

The River’s Role

Cincinnati became what it is today largely because of its location. The hotel, inn, tavern and restaurant business boomed in Cincinnati because it sits on the Ohio River. Of course the Westward expansion throughout the 18th and 19th Centuries brought hundreds of thousands of people through the city, and the river provided the perfect route for products to flow in and out as well. This rich and diverse history created the melting pot of Cincinnati that we know and love.

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Posted by , on Nov, 2014

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