Choosing the Most Appropriate Volleyball Sneakers

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In order to play any sport well, you need the appropriate footwear and for those that enjoy volleyball, your sneakers need to be specifically made to ensure proper fit and ease of use while playing the sport you love. There are many factors to consider for your sneakers, including the heel, forefoot and everything going along with the forefoot, including uppers, outsole and midsole.


In volleyball, you will be moving and running around the court, so the heel of your sneakers should be reinforced. The heel absorbs eight times your body weight while walking and running. The foot, and heel, especially will be shocked when it comes to the ground, so you should consider a sneaker with a good heel that offers impact shock resistance and helps dissipate energy.


The forefoot doesn’t receive as much impact and force as the heel, so pads in the shoes can be thinner here. However, the forefoot, including uppers, midsoles and outsoles must be adaptable, flexible and allow for push-off movements, which will provide stability and help control force.

The upper is the part of the sneaker that has the laces. Laces are usually synthetic leather, leather or mesh. When your sneakers are tied appropriately, the laces on opposite sides will not touch and there will be some room. The upper should also be breathable so that moisture can be wicked away to reduce chafing and smelling.


The outsole is the bottom part of the shoe, sometimes just called the sole. This is the part that touches the ground and must be durable and cushiony. Volleyball outsoles will vary though the three main patterns include gum, solid and carbon rubber.

Carbon rubber offers a very durable sole, though black carbon is not usually permitted during volleyball because it can leave scuffs or black marks. Solid rubber is the most common materials used in volleyball and other athletic shoes. It offers a natural and synthetic blend of rubber that doesn’t mark the floors and provides durability and traction. Gum rubber is tan colored and soft, providing great traction.


The midsole is the area around the foot, not including the upper. It can come in four different material types, including EVA, Phylite, Polyurethane and Phylon.

Phylon is a lightweight option, while polyurethane is the most durable, but heavier. Phylite has a heaviness between Phylon, and polyurethane and EVA is the lowest-quality of the higher-quality shoes.

Volleyball sneakers are an important aspect of your attire in order to play properly. Consider purchasing your shoes at

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Posted by , on Sep, 2014

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