Choosing an Appropriate Melbourne Motivational Keynote Speaker

Posted by , on Apr, 2018

Most people get confused when you mention a motivational and keynote speaker. They wonder why you need both or if you can find both options from one person. While keynote speakers usually start off the conference and talk about a theme that ties in with what you’re doing, motivational speakers tend to talk about whatever they want that they think will uplift and excite the crowd. However, you can find a Melbourne motivational keynote speaker, though you should know what you need from them and let them know.

Your Location

Most people think that they must hire speakers from within their country of origin. While it can make sense if you’re on a tight budget, you may want someone with the power of persuasion (someone famous). Therefore, you can look anywhere in the world. Remember that you are likely going to be required to pay for their travel and accommodations before and after the event, so that it may cost more.

Tell Them You Want Both

Again, most speakers focus on one thing and do it well. If you want both, you need to make sure that the Melbourne motivational keynote speaker you choose can do both. Let them know when they’ll be speaking and what topic they should discuss. Let them know that motivation is also important to you, which ensures that their speech will be motivating and fit in with the theme.


Before you hire them and fill out a contract (or sign anything), make sure that you preview some of their past work. Most speakers have a place on their website to demo their skills. Even if they do, it may be helpful to search free video sites to see if they’ve got anything online in those forums. You can get a better idea of what they do and what style they have.

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Posted by , on Apr, 2018

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