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Posted by , on May, 2017

We live in a world that gets faster every day and our eating habits follow suit and Melbourne is not an exception to this. There just isn’t always the time to go out and grab lunch or to quickly make something to take with you to work. Then there is always that impromptu hunger that hits you randomly during the day! Vending machines, with the right combination of options, provide a great way for your employees to have fast and delicious options without leaving the building.

The goal here is to choose a vending machine that holds popular items. Sodas, bottled water, and sports drinks are always a good choice. For snacks, you may want to consider a few healthy options like nuts or dried fruit, as well as traditional choices like chocolate and chips. You can also supply easy meals, like ready-to-go salads or sandwiches! You may even want to invest in a combo machine that provides the best of all these categories.

Whether you want to start small or want to include everything possible to keep employees on site, Carnival Vending has what you need. They’ve got machines with refrigeration, so you can offer healthy options like salads and cold snacks. They can also provide you with hot and cold beverage machines to help target all the needs of your employees. With Carnival Vending, you also get a dedicated vendor who will help you choose which foods and drinks to include, as well as supply them, no matter where you are in Melbourne. Everything will be fresh and delicious, ensuring that employees and customers are satisfied. Vending machines give your staff and customers an easy solution to their hunger or thirst needs, so get yours today!

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Posted by , on May, 2017

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