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Posted by , on Feb, 2016

A person’s house is their largest and most costly purchase, and therefore needs to be protected. If you own a home in California, you need to get home insurance and getting California Home Insurance online to cover it in case of damage is the easiest way to go about it.

National Insurance Solutions can help meet your needs for any size home in the state of California, and work with you to determine your exact needs within your budget. Our agents are trained and ready to speak with you today and advise you about California home insurance online.

California home insurance is required by the state

Home insurance is required by law, and we provide California home insurance online for all kinds of homes. We are all up to date and current on the kinds of coverage available and can give you a quote based on needed coverage and your budget. Prices of home insurance are based on things like the type of construction, how old the home is, what the contents of the home is, the types of coverage you choose, and the amount of deductible you pay.

For instance, if you choose replacement value insurance, that type of coverage will provide the money needed to completely rebuild your home even if prices have gone up, whereas less than replacement cost insurance will only cover the value of the home at the time of loss. Our agents will be happy to explain to you the differences of these and other types of home owners’ insurance for California clients.

Unique types of California home insurance online

Even if you haven’t lived in California very long, you know that one major threat that you need coverage for is earthquakes. What most home owners don’t realize though is that standard home insurance doesn’t cover damage from an earthquake. Instead, you need to purchase special earthquake insurance to go with your standard coverage.

We can explain to home owners how to include earthquake insurance in your coverage so you are totally ready to face any financial losses due to this occurring in your neighborhood. Another type of insurance not always added to standard home insurance is flood coverage, which ensures that you are protected in the case of a disastrous flood. So, it’s another kind of California home insurance online to speak to us about when you call us or email us for a quote. The bottom line is that if you need home insurance, call us for a quote today.

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Posted by , on Feb, 2016

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