Buying a Still? Checklist of Buying Factors

Posted by , on Jun, 2017

If you want to try brewing your own alcohol at home, you’ll need to have the right kit with you. Interested in the idea of making your very own whiskey or moonshine but not sure where to start? Here are 5 points to consider when you look for a moonshine still for sale:

Copper or stainless steel?

That’s one of the questions you’ll need to ask yourself, says Beer and Wine Reviews. Which one is a better fit for your budget? Stainless steel options are cost-effective. Or do you want quality over cost? Then go with copper.


This will depend on what you have in mind. If you’re only distilling for yourself or experimenting without the intent of selling the resulting blend, a small or regularly sized moonshine still for sale can be ideal. However, if you’re serious about your home brewery efforts, investing in a large kit might be the best thing for you.


Keep in mind that whatever type of still you end up with is going to require cleaning. If you want your life easier, stainless stills are easy to work with and clean. Copper stills—because they remove Sulphur compounds from the mix—present a tougher challenge. If you’re ready to put up with stills that require longer cleaning times, go with copper. Not something you want? Go with the stainless steel option.


Because copper takes out the Sulphur content, it’s a safe bet that copper stills help ensure your blends taste better, compared to those distilled with stainless stills. If you want better flavor, then you’ll know which type of still you’ll want to invest in.

Outdoor stills

This can be much safer for you. If an accident happens, you’ll find it easier to contain the mess and keep it separate from your home.

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Posted by , on Jun, 2017

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