Building a successful brand takes time and effort

Posted by , on Dec, 2015

We live in a 24/7 word and we have information coming at us from every device in our homes, cars and offices. Much of this information is marketing around products and services that companies want to sell us. Somewhere amongst all these messages, we make decisions about certain products and start to associate certain qualities with them. This is how branding begins. Once consumers are convinced that a specific brand will offer certain emotions – such a value for money, reliability, high quality, safety – it’s hard to shift their opinion and get them to look at a different brand.

Building a successful brand
This task has been keeping a creative branding agency burning the midnight oil for many decades. The situation in today’s market-place is even more difficult because companies have had to learn to embrace digital marketing and to understand the ever-changing influence of social media. Sometimes an agency strikes it lucky and through social network a product starts to become desirable by word-of-mouth. This happened with a brand of shoes that had been losing sales every year and was almost at the point where the factory was considering stopping manufacture of the line. It then became clear that something was happening in New York City when retail outlets kept requesting more of their shoes and couldn’t seem to keep up with sales.

It ultimately boiled down to a small group of people who had decided that, although these shoes were rather clunky in appearance, they were ‘retro’ and therefore they were funky. Luckily for the manufacturer the youth who decided to embrace these shoes were high-profile and influential in social media circles. The brand exploded and the following year another 150 outlets stocked the shoes across the country and additional production lines were opened to cope with demand. This is the intangible nature of a brand and sometimes a creative branding agency can cause a revolution of this sort and, at other times, they’re as surprised as a client when a chance occurrence leads to an avalanche of sales.

Reputation is everything
Once a company has created an expectation that its product or service will deliver a perceived end-result (such as satisfaction with the quality of the product, assurance that the service will never let them down) it’s imperative that they keep delivering on their promises. This is where brand management comes in, and why companies will spend big money to keep the positive idea of their brand constantly positioned in the consumer’s mind.

A creative branding agency will help you to keep your brand constantly positioned in the consumer’s mind. Finch Brands has expert staff that has been helping clients to develop their brands for many years.

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Posted by , on Dec, 2015

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